I’m Tim Dickson, a product designer and developer with a keen interest in interactive technologies and design systems.

I combine user experience design with front end development and more.

About Me.

I have a Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts, combined with a Bachelor of Industrial Design that was primarily focused on the design of interactive technologies. I have been working in the industry since 2013 in a combination of designer and developer roles that have also involved performing other tasks such as analysing and account managing. Below are just some of the web technologies that I have experience with:

I like to constantly explore new technologies and share my learnings with others. I'll often be creating design and development documentation, as well as mentoring other team members.

My Work.

I've helped some of Australia's largest, and some of the world's largest technology, automotive, banking, insurance and grocery brands to:

  • Build websites, mobile applications, animated banners, and emails.
  • Set up component based frameworks for building user interfaces.
  • Use data to design optimal and personalised interfaces and experiences.
Naturally, a lot of the work that I've done in the industry can't be shared publicly, but I'd love to discuss my experience further with you. You can get in touch with me below.

Below are a few examples of my own personal work, which showcase a mix of my UI/UX design and front end development skills:

Contact Me.

Get in touch with me here: